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ABB CP600 HMI Panel


The CP600 series, ABB’s latest HMI, is now available in a broader range, from the entry level (4.3”) to the high-end panel (15”). It is highly flexible and is specifically designed for advanced applications in complex systems or processes. Using premium graphic panels created with either the PB610 engineering software or the web browser panels via the PLC web server, the CP600 series gives better information representation to ease human-machine interaction 

The HMI panels can interface either over the serial port or Ethernet port of motion products. The panels are compatible with ABB's range of motion controllers and intelligent drives including the NextMove ESB-2, NextMove E100, MicroFlex e190 , and MotiFlex e180



Human machine interfaces

ABB operator panels can be distinguished from their competitors by their easy functionality, making comprehensive operational information for production plants and machines available at a single touch. This enables an operator to intervene manually at any time to stop or modify the production process.

Individual solutions for each application

The ABB range of HMI operator panels offers an excellent diversity of features and functionalities for maximum operator comfort, at a price that meets every budget. The solution is now composed of two ranges. The new CP600 series up to 15" completes the CP400 range that was available up to 10.4" and offers new design capabilities, a complete engineering software solution or a web browser panel version.

For in depth information on ABB CP600 Operator Panels, please click here

CAN Keypad: KPD202-501 

These keypads operate over the CAN bus on MINT controllers. Unlike the ABB HMI Panels, the CAN keypads are simple text displays that are programmed direct from the motion controller. A set of MINT commands can be used in the MINT application to control what is shown on the LCD display. The keypad can be read directly within a MINT program.

CANopen Keypad

The KPD202-501 is ideally suited for 3 or 4 axis applications. Programmable function keys above and below the LCD display allow menus to be easily created. 

The panel is programmable in Mint without the need additional programming software.

The KPD202-501 operates over the CANopen bus, or via serial port.


  • 4 line by 20 character display
  • Full control of cursor position 
  • Programmable function keys
  • Cursor/direction keys for 3/3 axes
  • Buzzer for audible alarms
  • CANopen interface
  • RS232/485 interface (user selectable)
  • Limited character control such as underline and flash
  • Optional digital I/O module (4 DI, 4 DO) for lamps and push button control

Ordering information and accessories:

Catalog number Description
KPD202-501 Keypad - 4x20 character display. Operates over CANopen bus or Serial. Programmable from MINT
4 DIN / 4 DOUT I/O expansion module
24V power supplies
  For information please click here: ABB 24 V DC power supplies