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MINT® ... the simple approach to motion control

MINT - Motion INTelligence - is a structured BASIC-like language, optimized for motion control. MINT was originally created over 30 years ago to improve on the low-level mnemonic-style support typically provided for motion controllers. MINT radically speeds and simplifies the development of systems by providing a familiar and high-level approach to programming.

These advantages hold as true today, and MINT is now one of the most widely used motion programming languages in the world - used in over 100,000 systems.

MINT is a programmable language that can handle motion, I/O and HMI tasks. The latest generation of MINT, brings multitasking capabilities which can greatly simplify program structure and execution, especially where motion, I/O and HMI tasks are intermixed. MINT is designed to be powerful and flexible yet easy to use. Click here to see an example of MINT.

MINT is supported on ABB's range of NextMove motion controllers and the MicroFlex and MotiFlex.intelligent servo drives.

A comprehensive set of ActiveX controls are supplied free of charge allowing complete programmability on the PC.

Support for contouring/profiling applications

MINT-NC is a comprehensive Windows programming environment for fast profiling applications. MINT-NC will import information in industry-standard CAD formats including G-code, HPGL and DXF, and generate the required real-time motion commands. For more information

Key attributes of MINT:


  • Easy to use BASIC-like motion control language, designed for real-time control
  • Supports servo & stepper motor systems, allowing axes to be mixed
  • Comprehensive ActiveX libraries for PC programming


  • English keywords
  • Multitasking capability with number of tasks limited only by memory
  • User-defined variables & arrays
  • User defined functions and procedures with local variables
  • Math and bitwise operators
  • Auto program execution on power-up from non volatile memory

Motion control

  • Speed, position & torque control
  • Linear, circular and helical interpolation
  • Master encoder or pulse following, software gearbox
  • Trapezoidal- and S-shaped velocity profiles
  • Servo control loop with Proportional, Integral, Velocity feedback and Velocity feedforward, down to 100 microsec loop closure time
  • Stepper control up to 1MHz step rate


  • Interrupt capability on inputs
  • Error recovery for limit & positional errors
  • Flexible operator control over executing program using joystick, pushbuttons or serial terminal


  • Standalone machine control systems
  • Slave controllers under command of a host computer over serial or network link

Programming environment:

The MINT WorkBench is a common Windows front end compatible with ABB's range of motion controllers and servo drives. MINT WorkBench offers an easy to use Windows development environment for MINT programming, with its color syntax highlighting of keywords and context sensitive help. The Program Navigator makes it easy to navigate the source code, no matter how complicated.

Features include:

  • Full screen editor with color syntax highlighting of MINT keywords
  • Command line interface to interrogate the controller even when the program is running
  • Spy window to monitor common motion variables and I/O
  • Software oscilloscope
  • Watch window for monitoring variables and tasks
  • SupportMe function with automatic email generation for rapid technical support
  • Web updates of firmware within the MINT WorkBench
  • Easy management of firmware files

ActiveX libraries:

ActiveX communicationsA comprehensive set of ActiveX controls are supplied free of charge with ABB's motion controllers and servo drives for provide Windows programming. Programming languages such as Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual C++, Borland Delphi and LabVIEW are supported. In fact any PC programming interface supporting ActiveX controls can be used to interface to ABB's motion products.

The ActiveX controls give complete access to the MINT command set allowing motion programming and I/O sequencing to be performed on the PC. The ActiveX control will send commands to the controller over the PCIbus, serial port or USB port for immediate execution. It is even possible to execute a MINT application on the controller at the same time.


For more information:

MINT application Notes
For detailed information (product manuals etc.) access SupportMe

MINT is a registered trademark of ABB