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Motion control software and tools


Mint motion programming

MINT is the programming language for our range of motion controllers and programmable drives. Designed around Basic, MINT will be familiar to many with its English like keywords and high level functionality. MINT offers:

  • Motion, machine logic, communications and HMI
  • Multitasking for streamlined performance
  • Functions, procedures, Events
  • Modular coding approach
  • Modern development and debugging environment
  • PC Developer Libraries

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MINT is supported on ABB's NextMove range of motion controllers and on the programmable drives MicroFlex and MotiFlex.


Free software tools

All of our MINT based motion controllers and MINT based motion drives are supplied with free software tools. This includes:

MINT WorkBench

The MINT WorkBench is a comprehensive Windows programming and application development environment for MINT that combines program editing and navigation screens with status monitoring, drive tuning and motion controller commissioning tools as well as comprehensive help and diagnostics capabilities.

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PC Developer Libraries

Our MINT software includes PC development libraries and ActiveX components which provide both communications and a complete API for our motion products and drives. Create visual HMI's or machine control applications within the Microsoft Windows platform and use MINT ActiveX to either communicate or initiate motion. MINT commands have PC Library equivalent API's and can be used in Visual C, BASIC, Delphi and even applications support VBA such as Excel for data manipulation and download. All communications is taken care of for you.