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Motion control solutions

NextMove motion controllers

NextMove motion controllers

ABB offers motion control products to suit many different applications. NextMove controllers are standalone units with USB, CANopen, serial and Ethernet interfaces (NextMove e100) and as intelligent programmable drives for use in single or multiaxis systems.

We also offer IEC61131 programming and PLCopen motion on our AC500 PLC range.AC500 scalable and flexible PLC

Versatile motion capabilities

All of our machine controllers offer advanced motion control capability and can be up and running quickly thanks to the simplicity of ABB’s MINT programming language. MINT is a versatile, yet easy to use, BASIC like programming language, also very similar to Structured Text (ST) but offers a multitasking and event driven runtime..

A wide range of programmable motion types are supported, including trapezoidal, S-ramp, linear and circular interpolation, helical interpolation, electronic CAM, gearbox and flying shear, registration control, recipe management and PC develop libraries. Machine logic, system networking and operator interfaces (HMI) can all be controlled under a single MINT application program.

Free, powerful software tools


MINT Workbench offers a powerful yet simple approach to motion drives and motion controller configuration and programming.

With wizard based configuration, drive set-up is easy and feature such as 6 channel oscilloscope for motion optimisation, variable watch window, integrated context sensitive help and powerful debugging, stream-lining motion development.

Our software tools are free to download use, with no license fees.

PC development

Windows developer libraries are supplied with the controllers, allow full motion and I/O sequencing to be performed on a host PC. Application programs can be written in popular visual programming languages such as Visual Basic™, Delphi and LabView.


Motion controller products

NextMove e100

NextMove e100

  • Ethernet Powerlink motion controller for control of 16 axes of interpolated motion
  • Maximum 30 axes of control
  • Integrated Ethernet Powerlink hub for daisy chaining Ethernet cable
  • Panel mount controller 24V DC operation
  • USB and user selectable RS232/485 communication interface
  • On-board machine control I/O with 4 high speed registration inputs
  • CANopen interface for I/O expansion, HMI panels and networking
  • Single and three phase servo drives with Ethernet POWERLINK are available see MicroFlex e190 and MotiFlex e180
  • Multitasking and event driven
NextMove ESB-2

NextMove ESB-2

  • Panel mount controller
  • Up to 8 axes of control; 4 x servo, 4 x stepper
  • USB and RS232/485 communication interface
  • On-board machine control I/O
  • 4 high speed registration inputs (<1microsecond latency)
  • CANopen interface for I/O expansion, HMI panels and networking
  • Multitasking and event driven
  • All of our servo drives can be controlled by either a Pulse train output (stepper axis) or analog demand and encoder feedback
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Programmable Motion Drives

ABB AC500 PLC   AC500 scalable and flexible PLC

AC500 is the PLC of choice when scalability, flexibility, performance, integration and communication are mandatory. Numerous I/O modules, carefully specified powerful CPUs and real-time communication couplers combine with IEC61131 and PLCopen programming for overwhelming integration possibilities.






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