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MicroFlex e190: Servo Drive 105 - 264 VAC
NNEW MicroFlex e190

The all new ABB MicroFlex e190 servo drive and e-series servo motors, ensure optimized machine designs for a variety of motion applications.

While improved installation, commissioning, operating and maintenance features contribute to a lower total cost of ownership, the drives integrated and selectable Ethernet protocols include EtherCAT® and Powerlink real-time protocols, along with Ethernet/IP™, Modbus TCP and Profinet® IO, all built-in and selectable by software. Single-turn or multi-turn absolute encoder options combine with 300% peak torque to provide a high dynamic performance that translates to higher quality process and end productivity.



  • EtherCAT and Powerlink real-time protocols integrated
  • Profinet IO, Modbus TCP and EtherNet/IP supported as standard
  • Universal encoder and dual encoder support with encoder output
  • Memory unit for ease of maintenance
  • STO SIL3 PLe
  • Side by side flush-mounting saving panel space
  • Powerful motion programming option
  • Matched performance e-Series motor range

Read on for an overview of MicroFlex e190, or head on down to the video below

Versatile drive

MicroFlex e190 is a versatile drive ranging from 0.3 to 3 kW with 300% servo-duty. It can be used in high-performance centralized control systems with Ethernet master controllers such as AC500 PLCs, NetxMove100 or third party controllers.

A programming option is available for stand-alone single axis control, or decentralized motion systems as positioning drives and capable of basic positioning to more complex functions such as flying shear motion and registration.

Flexible Ethernet connectivity

The integrated and flexible Ethernet interface enables real-time connectivity with EtherCAT® and POWERLINK protocols. In addition EtherNet/IPTM, Modbus TCP , ProfiNet IO and RAW Ethernet are supported.

Simply select the protocol during configuration of the drive.

Integrated feedback connectivity

The drive can be can be connected to practically all motion-oriented feedback devices as standard, including incremental and absolute encoders, as well as rugged resolvers*. A secondary encoder input and buffered encoder output is included for dual loop operation and line-shaft following functions.

*resolver is supported by option OPT-MF-201

Dual Encoder

Analog, PTO and Ethernet capable

The drive can also be used in analog control with buffered encoder out or via Pulse Train Output (PTO) also referred to as Step & Direction used by stepper drives. This makes it a versatile migration path for older systems to next generation IoT connected machines.

I/O – digital and analog

The drive’s I/O is used for configurable drive functions, such as end limits or home sensor or motor brake control or within motion programming for typical machine functions such as push buttons. 2 x latch inputs are provided for microsecond precision position latching for product or print registration.


Effective emc bonding and cable support

EMC bonding is simple thanks to the integrated bonding plate, compatible with standard p-clips it provides perfectly position emc bonding and physical support of the motor power cable.

Effective emc bonding

Easy Configuration

Why make it complicated? MINT WorkBench PC tool offers fast and easy drive setup and use. You can rapidly set up and customize the drive with the wizard based configuration and motion programming.

Embedded safety

Enhance human and machine safety and maximize machine uptime with safe torque off (STO) embedded as standard with performance level PL e and safety integrity level SIL 3.


Memory unit, no PC needed.

The memory unit stores all drive’s settings, parameters and application programs. Prepare drive settings off-site, manage functionality levels or move settings from one drive
to another without the need for a PC or custom keypad to reconfigure.

MicroFlex e190 - Powering machine innovation - Find out more in the video..

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Additonal languages and documents such Certifcates, CAD models and more avaiable here

Versatile drive delivers benefits to a broad range of applications

Metal cutting / forming Plastics machinery Textile machinery Packaging



Flexible connectivity and machine control solutions

MicroFlex e190 is a member of ABB’s motion control solutions including human-machine interfaces (HMI), programmable logic controllers (PLC), safety technology and extending to multi-axis motion controllers, high performance servo drives, and rotary servo motors. All of which seamlessly integrate to provide complete machine control solutions.

The versatile performer

MicroFlex e190 can be used for stand-alone single axis control, in centralized systems for multi-axis control or as the master drive controlling other drives and axis. Simple indexing , electronic gearing and task such as registration control and flying shear motion can all be implemented by motion programming.


Additional Features:

  • Embedded Ethernet including EtherCAT®, Modbus TCP and Ethernet/IP(TM) and ProfiNet IO
  • EtherCAT conformance certified by ETG
  • Powerful motion programming for single axis motion applications
  • Safe torque off (STO) as standard - to IEC 61800-5-2, SIL3 PLe
  • MINT WorkBench provides configuration via Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Single and three phase operation 105 - 264 VAC
  • Control of both rotary and linear servo motors
  • Universal Feedback options include: Hiperface, Incremental Encoder + Halls, SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface), BiSS B, EnDat 2.1/2.2, SmartAbs, SmartInc, 1 V pk-pk Sin/Cos, resolver (via option)
  • Secondary encoder input for line shaft following or dual loop control (position / velocity and commutation)
  • Pulse Train (PTO)/ Step + Direction and analog control modes with buffered encoder output
  • 4 x digital inputs. Opto-isolated 24 V.
  • 2 inputs can be programmed to capture axis position sub 1 micro-second (feedback device dependent)
  • 3 x digital outputs. Opto-isolated 24 V PNP. 50 mA per channel.
  • 1x +/-10 V analog input and 1 x +/-10 V analog output
  • Auto-tuning, wizard based configuration and software oscilloscope facilities via MINT WorkBench for Windows
  • Notch and low pass filters to combat mechanical resonance
  • 7 segment LED status indicator and LED communications status
  • Memory unit for drive configuration storage including firmware and parameters
  • PC Developer libraries supplied free of charge for host PC interface development (via TCP/IP communications)