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  • Feedback Compatible Feedback Compatible Resolver now available
  • Integrated Ethernet Integrated Ethernet Software selectable
  • A safe choice A safe choice SIL3 PLe approved safety
  • Smart choice Smart choice Simple or advanced versions
  • Motion Programming Motion Programming Indexing, CAMs, Flying shears and more
  • Award winner Award winner Engineers choice 2013
  • Application versatility Application versatility Features rich drive



Award Winning MicroFlex e150


MicroFlex e150 EtherCAT Servo drive


  • 105 to 250 V AC single or three-phase
  • Ethernet and motor encoder feedback interfaces are highly integrated and optimized for demanding motion applications.
  • Safe torque-off is a standard feature, to meet the new European machinery directives. SIL3 PLe
  • Motion programming option
  • 300% overload for high-dynamic acceleration



Control Engineering ENgiineers Choice Award Winner

Winner: 'Engineers Choice Award 2013: Spotlight on Innovation'

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AC500 PLC with EtherCAT


The award winning MicroFlex e150 product line has now been extended to offer both powerful programmable intelligent drives and EtherCAT slave servo drives in the same package. In addition new 300% dynamic overloads extend the peak torque capability by 25%


MicroFlex e150

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MicroFlex e150 provides a powerful 'one box solution' for many applications through a rich feature set

  • Support for a choice of Ethernet protocols
  • Centralised control with AC500 PLCs or
  • Motion programming for a 'one-box' solution to common motion applications
  • CP600 HMI support to add an operator interface
  • Modbus RTU for connection to other devices
  • Linear and rotary servomotor control
  • Dual encoder input for either line-shaft encoder following or dual loop to eliminate mechanical errors
  • Digital and analog I/O for machine interfacing
  • 2 x high speed registration inputs
  • Safe Torque Off SIL3 PLe

25% more torque

MicroFlex e150 and MicroFlex e100 now provide up to 25% more peak torque

A new dynamic mode providing up to 300% of rms current for up to 3 seconds, extend the peak current and hence peak torque capability of MicroFlex e100 and award winning MicroFlex e150 as standard.


Powerful motion programming option

MicroFlex e150 is also an intelligent drive, offering MINT, a high level multitasking language, tailored for motion applications. This powerful but simple programming language within MINT WorkBench provides control of communications, logic, motion and HMI interactions to solve a variety of applications such as cut to length systems, labellers and flying shears.

  • Multi-tasking and Event driven operation
  • High-level language similar to BASIC or Structured Text


Safe Torque Off as standard

A 2 channel Safe Torque Off (STO) provides SIL3 PLe certified prevention of rotation for machine safety applications, eliminating the need to remove AC power in most applications, minimizing downtime and maximizing machine utilisation.


Integrated Ethernet technologies

The integrated Ethernet interface offers EtherCAT® for real-time control of multi-axis systems. In addition, Ethernet/IP™, Modbus TCP and RAW Ethernet are supported to enable control possibilities with other controllers such as PLC and Industrial PCs.

MicroFlex e150 is ideally partnered with our AC500 PLC line with EtherCAT real-time performance or Modbus TCP control for less demanding applications.

Resolver support added to universal encoder feedbackResolver now supported

Resolver feedback is now supported by MicroFlex e150, offering a choice for users looking for resilience in higher temperature and / or vibration when compared to some encoder technologies. Resolver is supported by a simple D-Shell converter that is added to the resolver feedback cable and plugs directly into the drive.

This adds to the incremental encoder support, Hall signals, Sin Cos 1 V pk-pk and serial absolute encoders such as BiSS, SmartAbs and EnDat that are already supported.

Additional Features:

  • Embedded Ethernet including EtherCAT®, Modbus TCP and Ethernet/IP
  • EtherCAT conformance certified by ETG
  • Powerful MINT programming for single axis motion applications
  • Safe torque off (STO) as standard - to IEC 61800-5-2, SIL3 PLe
  • 2 / 4 wire RS485 with optional termination and Modbus RTU support
  • MINT WorkBench provides configuration via USB or Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Single or three phase 105 - 250 V AC operation (maximum limits)
  • Control of both rotary and linear servo motors
  • Universal Digital Feedback - Incremental Encoder + Halls, SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface), BiSS, EnDat 2.1/2.2, 1 V pk-pk Sin/Cos
  • Resolver adapter in a D-Shell housing provides support for standard resolvers
  • Dual encoder input for line shaft following or dual loop control (position / velocity and commutation)
  • 10 x digital inputs. Opto-isolated 24 V.
  • 2 inputs can be programmed to capture axis position within 1 micro-second (feedback device dependant)
  • 7 x digital outputs. Opto-isolated 24 V PNP. 50 mA per channel.
  • 2x +/-10 V analog inputs 1 x +/-10 V analog output
  • Auto-tuning wizard and software oscilloscope facilities via MINT WorkBench for Windows
  • Notch filters to combat mechanical resonance
  • 7 segment LED status indicator for error and communications notification
  • ActiveX libraries supplied free of charge


  • NEW 2.5, 5.25, 7.5 Amp continuous - 300% overload for 3 seconds
  • 3, 6 or 9 Amp continuous - 200% overload for 3 seconds
  • Single phase 115-230 VAC or 3 phase 230VAC


Further information:

Ordering information and accessories:

Catalog number Description
E152A03EIxA 3A (6A peak 200%) or 2.5A (7.5A peak 300%) MicroFlex e150 Servo Drive
E152A06EIxA 6A (12A peak 200%) or 5.25A (15.75A peak 300%) MicroFlex e150 Servo Drive
E152A09EIxA 9A (18A peak 200%) or 7.5A (22.5A peak 300%) MicroFlex e150 Servo Drive

x = build option


N = EtherCAT servo drive

O = MINT programming option

OPT-MF-200 Dual Encoder connection adapter. Provides easy connection of two encoders in dual feedback mode. Refer to user manual for more information.
OPT-MF-201 Resolver feedback option. D-Shell in-line cable solution for resolver feedback support

Fan tray to supply forced cooling for high current applications.

Regen resistors
RGJ139 100W regen resistor 39 Ohms
RGJ160 100W regen resistor 60 Ohms
RGJ260 200W regen resistor 60 Ohms
RGJ360 300W regen resistor 60 Ohms
EMC filters for CE
FI0029A00 Foot-mount filter, suitable for all ratings.
FI0015A00 Filter for 3A single phase input
FI0018A00 Filter for 3A three phase input
FI0015A02 Filter for 6A single phase input
FI0018A00 Filter for 6A three phase input
FI0029A00 Filter for 9A single phase input
FI0018A03 Filter for 9A three phase input
FI0014A00 Filter for 24V supply
HMI - see ABB operator panels
24V power supplies - see ABB power supplies
Ethernet cables
CBL002CM-EXS Ethernet Cable: Shielded CAT5e RJ45 250mm / 8in
CBL005CM-EXS Ethernet Cable: Shielded CAT5e RJ45 500mm / 1.6ft
CBL010CM-EXS Ethernet Cable: Shielded CAT5e RJ45 1m / 3.2ft
CBL020CM-EXS Ethernet Cable: Shielded CAT5e RJ45 2m / 6.5ft
CBL050CM-EXS Ethernet Cable: Shielded CAT5e RJ45 5m / 16.3ft
CBL100CM-EXS Ethernet Cable: Shielded CAT5e RJ45 10m / 32.6ft

A selection of motor feedback and power cables are available.