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ABB Motion Drives and Motors

ABB offer a range of servo drives to cover many different applications. Our range offers simple analog controlled drives to real-time Ethernet controlled drives with integrated safety and programming options.

Motion programming provides solutions to indexing drive applications, while more advanced programmable motion features can solve the entire motion application in many cases. More information on intelligent drives solutions here

Real-time Ethernet is available based on the open standards including -

  • Powerlink
  • EtherCAT
  • EtherNet/IP
  • Modbus TCP
  • Profinet IO

ABB motion drives, control both rotary and linear AC servo motors, and can also control AC motors V/Hz and closed loop vector control and are available from 1.6 A single phase through to 65A three phase with common functionality.

For our latest servodrive products choose on of the following:

105 - 264VAC 1 or 3 phase - MicroFlex e190

ABB’s new MicroFlex e190 servo drive and e-Series servo motors, ensure optimized machine designs for a variety of motion applications.

230 - 480 VAC 3 phase- MotiFlex e180

MotiFlex e180 is a versatile drive with four frames sizes and nominal currents from 2.3 to 40 A with 200% servo-duty. It can be used for stand-alone single axis control, in decentralized motion systems as positioning drives and in high performance centralized control systems.

Ethernet Powerlink servodrives 105-264 VAC Powerlink Servo Drives 480VAC
For e-Series servo motor information click here
ABB Micro and Machinery drives:

For larger powers and industrial drives, AC motor microdrives see our broader ABB drives range which includes ACS880, ACS480, ACS380 for machinery applications

or here at within the 'low voltage drives' section

ABB Micro & Machinery Drives

Additional servo drive products :




MicroFlex e150

Advanced MINT programmable


MicroFlex e150

Note - The all new MicroFlex e190 supports EtherCAT and is recommended for new applications

  • Integrated Ethernet: EtherCAT®, Modbus/TCP and Ethernet/IP
  • Advanced MINT programming
  • Safe torque-off (STO). IEC 61800-5-2, SIL3 PLe
  • USB and RS485
  • 3, 6 or 9A with 200% overload
  • Single or three phase 105 - 250 V AC
  • Rotary and linear servo motor control
  • Universal digital feedback interface

MicroFlex e150 is ideally partnered with our AC500 PLC line with EtherCAT or Modbus TCP control. For more information see AC500 scalable and flexible PLC


MicroFlex e100

MINT LIte programmable



MicroFlex e100

The all new MicroFlex e190 supports Powerlink and is recommended for new applications.

  • Ethernet POWERLINK
  • MINT LIte motion programming as standard
  • 3, 6 or 9A with 200% overload
  • Single or three phase 105 - 250 V AC
  • Rotary and linear servo motor control
  • Universal digital feedback interface
  • CANopen IO expansion
MicroFlex Analog

MicroFlex Analog

Note - the all new MicroFlex e190 supports Analog, Pulse Train (Step/Driection) and Ethernet, offering a a single drive platform that does it. Take a look

  • Analog or step and direction control
  • 3, 6 or 9A with 200% overload
  • Single or three phase 105 - 250 V AC
  • Rotary and linear motor control
  • Encoder, SSI (Synchronous Serial Interface) or resolver feedback
  • Software configurable notch filters
  • Auto-tuning capability

ABB servo products deliver benefits to a broad range of applications

Metal cutting / forming Plastics machinery Textile machinery Packaging



Flexible connectivity and machine control solutions

MicroFlex and MotiFlex servo drives combined with e-Series motors as part of ABB’s motion control solutions including human-machine interfaces (HMI), programmable logic controllers (PLC), safety technology and extending to multi-axis motion controllers, high performance servo drives, and rotary servo motors. All of which seamlessly integrate to provide complete machine control solutions.

Matched performance, unrivaled flexibility

MicroFlex e190 and MotiFlex e180 can be used for stand-alone single axis control, in centralized systems for multi-axis control or as the master drive controlling other drives and axis. Simple indexing , electronic gearing and task such as registration control and flying shear motion can all be implemented by motion programming.