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ABB e-Series servo motors
e-series Motors

High peak torque capability ensures dynamic performance, while opimised winding construction provides a compact design.

The standard digital absolute high-resolution feedback devices, ensure precise control and reduced settling times, ultimately reducing machine cycle times and maximising machine throughput. Elimination of homing cycles saves valuable set-up time, maximising machine productivity.

Matched performance to our MicroFlex and MotiFlex servo drives optimise efficiency and dynamics in any system, with premade cables for ‘plug and play’ installation


  • 200V and 400V optimised range (operation up to 480Vac)

  • Choice of high resolution feedback devices, single turn SmartInc or multi-turn SmartAbs

  • Metal circular connectors on the larger units and flying leads with connectors on the smaller frame sizes

  • 0.32Nm to 48Nm, 100W to 7.5kW in 5 frame sizes

  • Premade cables available

  • Holding brake option

  • All available from stock

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Absolute Encoder Options

e-Series motors are stocked with a choice of SmartInc (single turn absolute) and SmartAbs (multiturn absolute) offering higher precision that translates into stiffer control, and greater precision of process and quality of product.

Multiturn also elimintates unncessary homing (datum) cycles minimising start-up times.

Absoluet encoders as standard

DriveSize and MCSize

DriveSize helps to select an optimal motor, drive and transformer. DriveSize can also be used to compute network harmonics and to create dimensioning documents. It contains current versions of our motor and drive catalog. Two versions are available, one for online users, and the other can be installed on a PC.

More information here

DriveSize software

e-Series Matched Performance Drives

e-Series motion drives and motors

e-Series motors are performance matched to our MicroFlex e190 and MotiFlex e180 servodrives, maximising benefit of peak torque capability for demanding, high duty cycle applications, of modern manufcaturing machinery.

Both drive ranges feature integrated safety, Ethernet, and support the Absolute encoders featured on eSM motors from stock. Resolver is also an option where the application demands high resiliance to vibration, shock and temperature.

Discover more about MicroFlex and MotiFlex here


200V e-Series motors - technical data

e-Series 200V technical data


400V e-Series technical data

400V e-Series technical data


ABB servo products deliver benefits to a broad range of applications

Metal cutting / forming Plastics machinery Textile machinery Packaging



Flexible connectivity and machine control solutions

MicroFlex and MotiFlex servo drives combined with e-Series motors ar part of ABB’s motion control solutions including human-machine interfaces (HMI), programmable logic controllers (PLC), safety technology and extending to multi-axis motion controllers, high performance servo drives, and rotary servo motors. All of which seamlessly integrate to provide complete machine control solutions.

Matched performance, unrivalled flexability

MicroFlex e190 and MotiFlex e180 can be used for stand-alone single axis control, in centralized systems for multi-axis control or as the master drive controlling other drives and axis. Simple indexing , electronic gearing and task such as registration control and flying shear motion can all be implemented by motion programming.