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Motion control solutions - product labeling

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Labels are affixed to a moving bottle. A sensor (fed into the high speed position latch of the controller) on the conveyor detects an oncoming bottle, at which point the label is indexed. A second sensor on the label accurately detects the label position allowing it to be accurately placed onto the bottle.

A servo axis on the conveyor is used to control the machine speed. This application can be solved using position lock, with a clutch (Mint FOLLOW keyword) to allow controlled acceleration and deceleration of the label while at the same time maintaining position with the conveyor. A position offset (Mint OFFSET keyword) corrects for any error between the bottle and the label.

Special features used:

  • Auxiliary encoder for product synchronization
  • Software position lock with clutch distance to engage and disengage the label movement
  • High speed position latch to accurately measure product and label position
  • Comms array to pass recipe data to and from the HMI


All of Baldor's motion control products can be used to solve this multi-axis application

Application notes:

The following application notes are relevant to this application:



Using flying shears for embossing, rotary knife, sheet feeder and labeling applications

Bullet AN00105 Modifiying final/target position on the fly such as cut to length, registration and press feeder.
Bullet AN00103 Product labeling application whereby final position is modified on the fly. Cut to length with registration control.

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