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Motion control solutions - product spacing

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Irregularly spaced products need to be correctly spaced for insertion into a flighted conveyor. An encoder from the flighted conveyor is fed into the auxiliary axis of the motion controller and a sensor detects the position of the flight.

A second sensor determines the position of the product (which is fed into a high speed position latch on the controller). The infeed conveyor locks position with the outfeed conveyor using the Mint FOLLOW command. When the product is detected, it's position is calculated in relation to the next flight. A positional move (using the Mint OFFSET keyword) advances or retards the product into the flight.

Special features used:

  • Auxiliary encoder for product synchronisation
  • Position lock to conveyor using FOLLOW
  • Positional offset over base speed using OFFSET
  • High speed position latch to accurately measure product position
  • Comms array to pass recipe data to and from a PLC or HMI
  • In the configuration shown, the analog output from the Motion Motion Module can be used to control the inverter speed on the input conveyor.


All of Baldor's motion control products can be used to solve this application

Application notes:

The following application notes are relevant to this application:



Continuous clutch follow for product infeed, product phasing and product registration

Bullet AN00184 Product Spacing Example

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