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Motion control solutions - water jet cutter

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Mint's powerful move buffer keywords and interpolation commands (linear and circular) make handling complex shapes easy. Baldor's MintNC provides a complete NC front end for the machine supporting G-code, DXF and HPGL. Alternatively, the free HPGL interpreter provides complete plotter functionality.

Onboard analog and digital I/O allow full control of the water jet.

Baldor's free ActiveX tools can be used to develop a bespoke front end to the machine.

Special features used:

  • Deep move buffer with low move buffer events
  • Inter-vector angle control to determine when to stop motion around sharp corners
  • Move buffer ID to monitor progress of motion
  • Feedrate override to speed up or slow down a machine
  • Tangential knife control
  • Free ActiveX tools for communication between host front end and controller


All of Baldor's motion control products can be used to solve this application

Application notes:

The following application notes are relevant to this application:



Understanding the Mint move buffer for interpolated and synchronized motion



Rounded corners for XY applications.

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