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Motion control solutions - cut to registration

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The fast position latch input can be used to determine the position of the registration mark. In this example, the product is advanced using the Mint indexing command (MOVER). When the material has come to a stop, an output is turned on to fire the knife. The I/O is all controlled within the Mint application.

Baldor's free ActiveX tools can be used to develop a bespoke front end to the machine.

Special features used:

  • Relative index move
  • Full control of I/O within motion
  • Fast position latch input to accurately read registration mark


All of Baldor's motion control products can be used to solve this application

Application notes:

The following application notes are relevant to this application:



Understanding how trapezoidal moves work for index moves.



Handling multiple registration marks for cut to length and label feeding

Further application notes are available.